D-Route Engineering LLC.

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D-Route was created as a support resource for small tech companies. General services entail aiding in ongoing projects and/or developing design ideas from concept to production. D-Route is always looking to support new clients and aid in achieving your goals. 

3D Computer Aided Design (CAD)


  • Background from development of large and small detailed assemblies in many different industries gives D-Route a creative edge in developing concepts into end products using the 3D CAD software program SolidWorks.


  • CSWA certification from SolidWorks - Your project will be completed efficiently, by an individual with a firm understanding of the SolidWorks tools and capabilities.


  • We develop products and assemblies using a CAD package that will drastically reduce the number of prototypes required to develop a working product.



Tolerance Stacking and Drawing Creation


  • Understanding the tolerance stack-up of your assembly can be tricky, D-Route can offer assistance.  Using GD&T principles D-Route will assess your design tolerance stack via worst-case, rss, or mrss methods to determine potential success. 


  • Using SolidWorks drawing package and a firm understanding of ASME Y14.5M-2009 GD&T principals, D-Route generates professional manufacturing prints for your company.




Technical Analysis


  • Designs created from D-Route are grounded by analysis principals. Using a knowledge of classical methods, an understanding analytical practices can direct a design down a path that will require less detailed analysis and will have a higher potential for success in application.


  • D-Route is capable of preforming thermal and structural analysis. We utilize a network of trusted and highly experienced engineers to develop and validate detailed analysis needs.